Trifles easily adjust to what you have on hand. With a trifle, you can pivot.

Here's how to make duck confit part of your holiday spread.

It's the final episode! This calls for champagne! And a puppy!

Chicken scarpariello is a restaurant classic that makes for an easy one-pan, two-meat, home-cooked dinner.

This salad is so much better than that $13 store-bought salad you had for lunch last week.

Pam the Butcher is a keeper.

What you need — and don't need — to get started in the kitchen. Plus: steak!

Check out the most disgusting things we sampled this year for “Is it Good?”

Bake it in a giant gingerbread man mold, a loaf pan or muffin tins.

It makes hosting friends for dessert a cinch.

Turn these potatoes into festive shapes with cookie cutters.

No mixer needed for this delicious, kid-friendly recipe.

You eat first with your eyes, so a little styling will make a big difference.

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