With two parents and a teenager with different dietary needs and schedules, we needed something to please and nourish everybody. Enter pasta with vegetables.

When the recipe for a plant-based ricotta cheese clone worked, it became a jumping off point for other ways to use it.

A meatless mushroom banh mi rich in flavor thanks to three different kinds of mushrooms.

For this hearty riff on an egg roll, buying already-prepped vegetables means you can be stir-frying dinner in almost no time.

How long does cabbage last in the refrigerator once it's cut? Results may vary, but with recipes like this with tomato gravy and grits, you'll use it up fast.

A simple pasta dish from a trattoria in Florence inspires an attempt to replicate it at home. But how to replace a definitive ingredient?

Can the microwave cook beets as well as the oven? This recipe from America's Test Kitchen proves that it can, and much faster.

A recipe for vermicelli, rice and spinach from Marie Kacouchia's book "Vegan Africa" came from her mother, but is globally relatable.

This recipe for chickpea and spinach soup gets a big boost from garlic.

So many cabbage salads serve as an homage to the one chef Wolfgang Puck made famous, and here it evolves into one that's bold, colorful and vegan.

New Orleans-style red beans and rice can take hours to cook -- but not in the Instant Pot.

This recipe turns canned beans into something with a deeply flavored broth, as if you had cooked them long and slow.

This Chinese technique of cooking tofu results in an infusion of flavor and a firmed-up texture.

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