Dal makhani is beloved for good reason: It's creamy, silky and luxurious. Here's how to make it.

This sheet-pan dinner is ideal for a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal, but it also is suitable for any fall or winter night.

These thin omelets wrapped in flour tortillas are super simple to make and can be frozen for on-the-go eating.

This squash curry recipe will make you fall in love with fall's nutty kabocha.

The classic Italian pasta dish cacio e pepe gets a sprinkling of za'atar for a dash of Middle Eastern herbaceousness.

A simple cauliflower soup gets a little kick from harissa, along with richness — and texture — from sliced almonds.

These 'tortizzas' are a simple way to get bold flavors on your table.

This makes an elegant dinner for two.

Sure, you can make sauce on the stove while the pasta boils. But the Instant Pot frees you up to do other things while it cooks.

Korean YouTube star Maangchi uses a double-fry method and a simple sauce to create what might be your new favorite tofu dish.

Hearts of palm, tossed with tomato, avocado, cucumber, jalapeño and lemon, stands in for seafood in this chilled dish.

With vegetables bound in thick yogurt, these Indian sandwiches are satisfying and take just 20 minutes to make.

A tea kettle keeps you from needing to boil a big pot of water.

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