White bread. Mayo. Salt. Pepper. And that just-right ripe tomato.

They're meant to evoke the look of pulled pork, but they taste like fantastic mushrooms, through and through.

By rolling cobs in a blazing-hot, dry skillet, you get nutty-tasting kernels you can use anywhere you'd like.

Vegetables have "self-smoking architecture," says grilling guru Steven Raichlen.

Mushroom skewers get flavored by smoke created from the oil that drips off them.

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All parents face the challenge of feeding kids something they like and that's good for them, too.

Roasting, flattening and then pan-frying gives beets crispy edges and soft, sweet interiors.

In French chef Eric Ripert's hands, Caesar salad gets bubbly.

Shahir Massoud's take on his mother's potato salad uses fingerlings, firm black lentils and dollops of labneh spiked with garlic confit.

From France's Languedoc region, aillade combines pistachios with wine, garlic, lemon and oil — and then enriches simply cooked white beans.

Buy radishes with their greens attached, and they'll add even more interest to this grain dish.

While the butternut squash flesh cooks for the sauce, the seeds and thinly sliced peel roast in a separate pan.

Freezing the fruit tenderizes the peel, which adds flavor but is otherwise undetectable in this banana bread.

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