While most homeowners love the concept of owning property and many enjoy undertaking home improvement projects, the mundane reality of dealing with broken appliances, a furnace on the fritz and even regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning gutters and changing filters is an undeniable downside.

Many homeowners have a moment or two when they wish they could call the “super” to come fix something instead of dealing with it themselves.

Now “Super,” a subscription-based service that provides homeowners with routine maintenance and repairs, has launched in Washington, the first market for this new company.

Super’s subscription rates start at $25 per month with a $50 co-pay per service and go up to $150 per month for whole house coverage and a zero co-pay. While the service is similar to a home warranty policy in that it pays for repairs of things such as your refrigerator and washing machine, Super goes a step further and provides a personalized schedule of maintenance reminders.

In addition, the company provides concierge services to schedule repairs. Instead of receiving a recommendation of a company or searching through reviews, Super provides the single point of access for homeowners and schedules appointments.

The subscription service also includes discounts on preventative maintenance and recordkeeping of all maintenance and repairs.

Depending on the age and size of their dwelling, homeowners typically spend between 1 and 4 percent of their home’s value each year on repairs and maintenance.

The Super service is meant to reduce those costs while providing a streamlined service.

For more information, visit https://hellosuper.com or call 844-997-8737.

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