Brad Rozansky is the principal of The Rozansky Group of Long & Foster Real Estate in Bethesda, Md. 

The record-topping fury of Winter Storm Jonas may be finally past us, but the immense amount of snow, fluctuation in temperatures and wealth of weather-related issues it brought in its wake may be lingering for some homeowners.

Heavy freezing snow can wreak havoc with your home’s infrastructure.

Now that the storm is over, it’s important for you to assess your home from the top to bottom to determine whether there was any damage. It’s crucial to fix the damage and address any weaknesses in your home’s structure whether you’re planning to list the property in the spring or you just want to be prepared before the next storm hits.

Here are a few things to look at:

• Gutters: Ice and snow that build up in your home’s gutters can bring disaster in the form of ice damming. A result of the freeze/thaw cycle that takes place when temperatures warm during the daylight hours and fall below freezing again at night, dams can build up when water is unable to escape from your gutters because of ice buildup. This can bring costly, damaging effects to your property in the form of shingle and roof damage as well as water damage when water leaks into your home.

• Exterior drains: As the massive amounts of snow and ice are melting, it is more important than ever to be sure the drains throughout the exterior of your home are clear to avoid flooding and water damage. Also be sure to check that your sump pump discharge pipe drains to a clear area.

• Pipes: Even if you have frost-free hose bibs on your external hoses, the area’s recent frigid temperatures and large amounts of snow and ice make it absolutely necessary to disconnect all of your outside hoses. Failing to do this could cause your pipes to break when any frozen water inside the hose expands, leaving you with an expensive mess that is surely unattractive to potential buyers.

• Pool: While your home’s swimming pool can be an alluring oasis of fun in the summer months, beware when it comes to winter temperatures and the effects of the recent winter storm. Remember to maintain a level of water in your pool that is at least six inches below the tiles to avoid breakage necessitating complete replacement of your pool tiles resulting from freezing water.

• Chemical ice melt: To avoid damaging your front walk, porch or patio space, make sure the chemicals you use to accelerate snow and ice melting are compatible with your concrete or flagstone. One of the first things buyers will see when touring your property is the stone work, and repairs to these areas are both costly and often necessary for a successful sale.

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