Whether you’re furnishing your new home or want to update your current one, visiting decorating shops or scrolling through hundreds of furnishings and accessories sites online can be time-consuming and leave you feeling overwhelmed with choices.

A new home decorating online retailer aims to streamline that process for people who lack the vision of a designer and who want to save money by participating in a bulk-buying process.

Suitely provides online shoppers with the opportunity to browse rooms furnished by interior designers from top to bottom and then to purchase the entire room at a bundled price that they say is up to 60 percent less than buying each piece separately.

Buyers start by clicking on a theme such as “Mid-century Mod” or “Going Glam” or “Coastal Retreat.” After perusing a few rooms, you can select a suite that has been curated by an interior designer so you don’t have to mix and match items yourself. If you choose, you can also customize your bundle of products with choices from a set of alternative products for each item.

The price for the set stays the same regardless of which options you choose. Themed sets range in price from $75 to $880.

For more information, visit www.suitely.com.

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