Tim Savoy, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Dupont/Logan Circle, writes an occasional column about the Washington area housing market.

Spring is here. Whether they’re preparing to sell or just want to spruce it up for themselves, many residents this time of year start planning clean-up, repair and renovation projects both inside and outside their homes.

So how much does it cost to caulk a shower? What about to remodel a kitchen with new appliances?

And what are the most popular repairs and improvements made by people in our region?

No matter if you are a renter, first-timer or longtime owner, home repair is inevitable. One question I find myself getting over and over again is how to properly estimate the price of simple home repairs as well as larger home improvement projects. The answers are easier to find that imagined.

First, home repairs are often the ones that we take on by ourselves. Based on data provided by Home Advisor True Cost Guide, the most common projects requested for non-DIY types are the repair and installation of faucets (average of $153 to $326), landscaping (average of $164) and servicing appliances ($164 on average depending on the appliance).

Here are the top 10 most requested home maintenance and repair projects in the Washington area:

  • Repair faucets, fixtures and pipes (16 percent)
  • Maintain and mow a lawn (14 percent)
  • Install or repair faucets, fixtures and pipes (12 percent)
  • Repair or service appliances (11 percent)
  • Hire a maid service (9 percent)
  • Complete a one-time interior cleaning (9 percent)
  • Repair an asphalt roof (8 percent)
  • Repair an air conditioner unit (8 percent)
  • Clean gutters and downspouts (7 percent)
  • Repair drywall (6 percent)

What about home improvement projects? Many find that the most limiting factor in doing major work to the home is the uncertainty of cost. For a homeowner, home improvement, upgrading and adding to existing home amenities can increase the value of your home depending on the rate of return to the improvement. For example, the rates of returns for home improvements are seen highest with kitchen and bathroom improvements.

The most popular projects for major home improvements, according to HomeAdvisor, include installing ceramic tile (average of $1,549 per project), remodeling a bathroom (average cost $9,285) and installing a deck or porch (average of $6,919).

Here are the top 10 most requested home improvement projects in the Washington area:

  • Install ceramic tile (18 percent)
  • Remodel a bathroom (15 percent)
  • Build a deck or porch (11 percent)
  • Install asphalt roofing (10 percent)
  • Remodel a kitchen (9 percent)
  • Install laminate flooring (8 percent)
  • Install a wood fence (8 percent)
  • Paint or stain a home exterior (7 percent)
  • Install central air conditioning (7 percent)
  • Build a home addition (7 percent)

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