(BeON Systems)

Smart security systems are becoming more important to home buyers.

A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that smart security was the most appealing type of pre-installed home technology among 58 percent of buyers queried. In that same survey, participants said the features they most expected to see on a smart home were security (such as alarm systems), temperature, lighting and safety (such as fire/carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights).

While home buyers may be willing to spend thousands on home technology, the recently introduced BeON Home protection system, which retails for $199, provides safety lighting in emergency situations and during power outages as well as home security by making it look as if you’re home even when no one is there.

The system uses smart modules with rechargeable batteries hidden inside LED light bulbs. The lights turn on during a power outage. They also hear fire or carbon monoxide alarms and respond by turning on instant exit lighting.

The smart modules learn your everyday lighting patterns, similar to the way a Nest thermostat learns your temperature preferences, to keep your lights working while you’re away. In fact, if someone rings your doorbell, the smart modules can turn on the lights sequentially in the house to make it seem as if someone is inside checking on the house.

You can program the system with a “Welcome Home” feature that can be activated with one touch from your driveway to turn on the lights inside.

Homeowners can activate and deactivate the system with one swipe on the BeON app, available for Android and iOS devices.

For more information, visit www.Beonhome.com.

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