No matter how large or small your home is, chances are you occasionally wish to have just one more room — or a suite of rooms — to house your in-laws, to use as a retreat or even to rent out for some Airbnb income.

Chances are, too, that you’ve never thought of getting an RV to fulfill that function. You may think that RVs are big, hulking road-hogging metal machines, but at least one company has produced a “tiny house” version of an RV.

The portable Vista model from ESCAPE Homes is a 160-square-foot, 20-foot-long home surrounded by panoramic windows that fill the space with natural light and make it feel connected to nature.

Park it in your back yard, and you have room for painting or writing or just getting some privacy from an overcrowded house. Rent it out as an Airbnb, and you can get some extra income without actually hosting strangers in your home — or just use it as a very modern version of a guest cottage on your grounds. You can also transport it with its own trailer for vacations.

The standard version of the Vista, which has an introductory price of $39,900 and will be priced in the future at $46,600, includes a daybed/sleeping area, a tiny but functional kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, multiple efficient storage areas and a custom-designed wood dining table suitable for work.

The Vista has USB outlets so you can charge your devices. Optional features include a pop-up TV, air conditioning and heat, stone counters, wood interiors, solar power and composting toilets for off-grid travel. You can add a washer/dryer and skylight, too. The Vista comes with standard RV hookups.

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