If you’ve ever wanted to find a room to rent or had a spare space you’d love to use to generate some extra income, you may have depended on networking through Facebook and Instagram to see if a friend of a friend might need a place to stay or have an extra empty room.

Now Roomi, a free app that has already helped connect roommates in New York City, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, has expanded its services to Washington and Baltimore. Roomi, available for iOS and Android systems as well as on desktop computers, allows users to create a profile and search for shared living spaces, housemates and rooms.

Security concerns can be minimized because every listing and every user is vetted and verified by a security specialist before going into the site’s secure database.

After registering or placing a listing, users answer personality and lifestyle questions, such as whether they have a pet or smoke, along with setting location and price range preferences. The answers get put into a profile format so that users can search for housing or housemates easily. If you list a room on Roomi, you can view and message people who have viewed your listing.

Roomi has a built-in chat feature to allow users to communicate quickly and ask each other about lifestyle and socializing preferences, common interests and things like the kinds of food they like and TV watching.

In addition to downloading the free Roomi app, users can visit www.roomiconnect.com to find advice on shared living specific to their city and stories shared by Roomi users.

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