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Real estate listings are notorious for using words like “cozy” when a room is small, so savvy buyers have learned to study room dimensions and photos to get a better feel for whether a home might meet their needs.

But that doesn’t mean that listing descriptions don’t matter. In fact, a recent analysis by Zillow Digs, the design and home improvement site associated with the Zillow real estate marketplace, found that certain keywords in a real estate listing can have a big impact on how fast a home sells and for how much.

Surprisingly, listings mentioning “barn doors” — those rustic-style sliding doors used on bedroom closets and pantries, sold 13.4 percent higher than their expected home value and 57 days faster than expected. Some of the other high-impact phrases that caused homes to sell for a higher price include “shaker cabinet” (9.6 percent higher price), “farmhouse sink” (7.9 percent) and “subway tile” (6.9 percent.)

Other phrases include “quartz” (50 days faster), “pendant light” (48 days), “backsplash” (46 days) and “tankless water heater” (43 days).

To find out which keywords in listing descriptions had the biggest impact on sales, Zillow Digs analyzed listing descriptions from more than 2 million homes nationwide that sold between January 2014 and March 2016.

The analysis found that homes described as “craftsman” style and with amenities associated with that style sold faster and for more money than any other design style.

Not only are buyers attracted by certain keywords, sometimes other phrases have zero impact on buyers. Zillow says the while listings with the phrase “hardwood floors” sold for 2 percent more than expected, the phrase “new carpets” didn’t affect the sales price at all.

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