Although there are many ways to measure affordability of homes, recently GoBankingRates.com compared listing prices, mortgage rates and household incomes in all 50 states plus the District to determine how many hours homeowners need to work to pay their mortgage. District residents came in second on the list — right behind residents of Hawaii — for the number of hours worked.

The study shows that Ohio residents need to work just 30.76 hours per month to pay their mortgage compared to 88.13 hours for Hawaiians and 83.29 hours per month for D.C. residents.

Although many people assume real estate prices in New York and California are so high that they require a workaholic lifestyle, the study found that median household incomes have as big an impact on affordability as low mortgage rates and low home prices.

California residents work 78.13 hours a month to afford their mortgage, followed by Colorado at 67.02 and Oregon at 66.67 hours. New York came in seventh at 60.70 hours.

Places where you can work less and still afford your mortgage include Michigan at 32.44 hours, Indiana at 32.72 hours, Iowa at 33.81 hours and Missouri at 34.13 hours.

For the full study, visit gobankingrates.com/personal-finance/hours-work-afford-home-state.

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