The critically acclaimed, Golden Globe-winning, Academy Award-nominated actor has listed five side-by-side penthouse units in a 1930 Art Deco building in downtown Los Angeles for $12.78 million, according to

The units, in the 13-story Eastern Columbia Building designed by Claud Beelman, are eclectically decorated with splashy murals, multi-colored furniture and one-of-a-kind mementos.

Depp’s units are in an iconic building covered in turquoise terra cotta and gold leaf tiles with a tower where “Eastern” and a clock can be seen for miles around. According to the listing information on his real estate agents’ website, the building has a “ZigZag Moderne” entrance that includes a grand lobby with “fluted paneling” and antiqued mirrors.


The units include a dining room with a round table and 13 chairs in different colors – including orange, red and green. There’s a sitting room with powder blue walls, a red sofa, lavender chairs and a white staircase.

There’s a bathroom with black-and-white checkered floors. There are rooms with large gold double doors. One room has deep red walls and a red electric typewriter on an orange table.

A kitchen has not only stainless-steel appliances, but also stainless-steel cabinetry, along with aqua walls and dark hardwood flooring. Another sitting area has leopard-pattern chairs.


And a bedroom has dark-blue walls and purple drapery.

The building has a rooftop swimming pool.

Depp, 53, purchased the first of the penthouse units shortly after the building was renovated in 2007, according to his agents’ website, and bought the rest over the next few years. Depp’s other properties include a private island in the Bahamas and a 37-acre estate in France.

The penthouses can be purchased together or individually.