Houzz, a popular interior design website, reviewed posts by its 40 million users as well as data from the interior design products industry to identify home trends they expect to be at the forefront this year.

According to Houzz, expect to see these trends in homes:

• Pendant lights moving from the kitchen to the bedroom: Hanging pendant lights above your bed or nightstand frees up space previously occupied by a table lamp.

• A mix of white and wood in the kitchen: White is the current favorite for kitchen cabinets and backsplashes, but homeowners and interior designers have been adding in wood accents to warm up the space.

• Walls of tile in the kitchen: While tile backsplashes have become ubiquitous in kitchens, for a more dramatic look, designers and homeowners have been extending tiles all the way to the ceiling.

• Snazzier bar stools: Maybe it’s because this can be a relatively inexpensive way to give a kitchen a modern look without renovating the entire space, but contemporary style bar stools are a top purchase on Houzz.

• Laundry rooms getting more attention: The days of doing laundry in a dank basement are over, at least for homeowners who can afford to spruce up their space. Homeowners are adding light to their laundry rooms as well as more storage and functional space.

• Bathroom vanities created from unique objects: Vanities created from antique chests of drawers, file cabinets and vintage cabinets offer a unique style for your bathroom.

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