On the banks of the Potomac River, tucked into a woodland setting, the sprawling home in McLean does not stand out but instead blends with the countryside. You will have a difficult time seeing it from the road or from across the river. It is a hidden oasis.

“We’re in this privileged position where we go from the river to our property to Scott’s Run Park and you never have to cross a road,” owner Dendy Young said. “You have, in a sense, a real sort of hideaway in the woods.”

When they first bought the land, Dendy and Andrea Young envisioned a much different house. They hired a well-known architect to design a formal Georgian-style home similar to their previous house in Kenwood. But then a medical scare that turned out not to be as serious as first diagnosed prompted a rethinking of the design. Also, they decided a Georgian home didn’t really suit their surroundings.


“We wanted to basically be part of nature and incorporate nature into our everyday life,” Andrea said. “We designed the house to follow the undulations of the hill. Dendy was very specific. He wanted to have every room feel warm, inviting and cozy not huge.”

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With the help of Barnes Vanze Architects and Horizon Builders, the Youngs created a home reminiscent of an English country manor house that stretches across the 4.77-acre property and offers a panoramic vista from nearly every room.

“The house is built so that where we live is all on one floor,” Andrea said. “I was planning for a wheelchair, which luckily I don’t have. Everything was supposed to feel open to the woods. . . . The point was that every room was supposed to have a view. Every room was supposed to feel if nature was coming in.”


Not only does nature come into nearly every room, you can also go out to nature. Many rooms, including every bedroom, has a deck or terrace.

Inspired by English architect Charles Voysey and textile designer William Morris, the Youngs turned to Barry Dixon to design the interior spaces.

Tall ceilings and large panes of glass provide ample sightlines to the outdoors. Wood beams add warmth and texture. The soft curves and sharp lines of the walls offer visual interest.

The Youngs are surrounded by wildlife. They have seen a bald eagle fly by, a fox cub playing and a doe escorting her fawn. Andrea has spotted 42 species of birds. Until recently, she kept an apiary and a chicken coop in the back yard, enjoying fresh eggs and raw honey.

The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 9.720-square-foot home is listed at $6,975,000.

Listing agents: Christie Weiss and Christopher Ritzert, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty