Online real estate brokerage recently analyzed several factors to determine the best places for single women to buy a home.

Single women made up 17 percent of home buyers in 2016, while single men represented a 7 percent share of buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The analysis found that Cincinnati offers the best options when looking at the percentage of single female homeowners and housing affordability in comparison to women’s income.

The analysis also factors in market conditions that all buyers consider, such as crime rates, the average cost of dinner for two, and both walkability and transit scores.

The top 10 markets for single women to live, ranked in order of affordability, include Cincinnati; the Kansas City metropolitan area in Kansas and Missouri; Dallas-Fort Worth; Albany, N.Y.; Atlanta; Milwaukee; Hartford, Conn.; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Chicago.

Cities that are considered relatively expensive fill the next three spots on the list: Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, in part because incomes are higher in those Northeastern cities.

The top 10 markets are 70 percent more affordable than the markets ranked 11 through 20. In addition, the top 10 markets have, on average, 5 percent more single female homeowners than the next 10 markets.

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