The 1,575-square-foot, three-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage at 1350 Baltimore Rd. — at Rockville Cemetery in Rockville — is renting for $1,850 per month. (Dick Stoner)

Renting a historic cottage on 40 acres sounds like a dream come true for some people, particularly when it’s in the heart of Rockville and you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood.

But before you get too excited, you need to know the neighborhood may be a little too quiet for you: It’s in Rockville Cemetery.

“It takes a special person to want to live in the cottage,” says Dick Stoner, owner of the Reist Corp., who’s handling the rental. “We’ve had single people and couples live in the house for the past eight years or so — usually people who love the way it reminds them of a rural farmhouse.”

Built in 1889, the cottage has three bedrooms, one bathroom and 1,575 square feet of living space. The cottage, at 1350 Baltimore Rd. in Rockville, rents for $1,850 per month.

The cottage was originally built for a caretaker by members of the Pumphrey family, who still own a funeral home in the area.

“The Rockville cemetery has been there since the 1700s and the house was built by cabinetmakers who made caskets at the time,” says Stoner. “Caretakers lived there until around 2000. The house was updated then and now has a modernized bathroom and kitchen. Otherwise, it’s an authentic 1889 house with hardwood floors and a lot of character.”

Renters don’t have any caretaking responsibilities, but Stoner says they do need to be respectful of the history of the house and the surrounding cemetery.

For information, call Stoner at 301-613-5438 or click here.

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