If you’re used to parents of toddlers asking their kids whether they want to go to the park or the pool, to drink apple juice or water, or to play baseball or soccer, you won’t be surprised to hear that parents rely on their children’s opinions when it comes to major decisions, too. A recent Harris Poll survey commissioned by SunTrust Mortgage found that 55 percent of U.S. homeowners with a child under age 18 when they bought a home said their child’s opinion was a factor in their home-buying decision.

Millennial parents are even more likely to be influenced by their kids: Seventy-four percent of millennial homeowners (ages 18 to 36) with a child said their kids’ opinions were a factor in their choice. Renters who plan to buy in the future are also likely to be swayed by their kids: Eighty-three percent said their children’s opinion will be a factor in what home they buy.

The survey asked parents what their kids lobby for when the family is house hunting. The top request is that each kid has his or her own bedroom (57 percent).  No surprise there or among the other top requests: a big back yard (34 percent), proximity to a park (25 percent), close to schools (24 percent), near friends (24 percent) and near a swimming pool (21 percent).

The survey found that 72 percent of renters hope to buy a house within the next two years.