Agent David Falk had many things to say about the Wizards — most of them negative — in a column written by The Post’s Mike Wise. Late Thursday afternoon, Falk issued the following statement to Wizards beat writer Michael Lee:

As a young basketball fan, my favorite player was Jerry West.

When I became a sports lawyer/agent,  I came to regard Jerry West as the premier General Manager in the NBA. One of the qualities I most admired about Jerry, that separated him from many of his peers, was his willingness to openly admit when one of his decisions turned out to be a mistake.

Sunday evening, I engaged in a friendly banter with Mike Wise about a column he wad written. Our discussion was repartee, two fans going at it about a variety of different topics.

My decision to knowingly allow this discussion to be aired publicly was a mistake. It reflected poor professional judgment.

Therefore, I want to publicly apologize to both Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld for publicly expressing opinions that better judgment should have kept private.

I also want to publicly apologize to John Wall. I hope he either ignores my comments completely or tacks them up on his locker and uses them as motivation. Ultimately, whether or not he becomes an elite NBA player will have far more to do with his dedication and commitment than  the opinions of critics, professional or amateur.

I have lived in Washington for more than 40 years and I am rooting for Ted to make the Wizards a championship team.

I humbly and publicly apologize for expressing opinions in an inappropriate forum.