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Martell Webster has tied the NBA record for most points on a single play seven times this season. The four-point play is an oddity, but Webster has mastered the art of drawing contact from deep and has recorded the most since fellow Seattle native Jamal Crawford had nine as a member of the Atlanta Hawks in 2009-10.

Webster opened the scoring in the Wizards’ 90-84 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday by getting knocked down after knocking down a three-pointer in front of his bench.

“I’m just shooting. They foul me. There is no technique behind it,” Webster said with a shrug. “I just shoot. They run through me. I absorb the contact.”

The NBA has cracked down on shooters who initiate contact with their legs, which certainly would’ve affected Hall of Famer Reggie Miller’s four-point total. But Webster gets his four-point plays by staying focused on the hoop and following through with his form. He doesn’t see it as a big deal.

“People get fouled all the time. Two-point shots. Three-point shots. I guess because it’s so far away from the rim, it’s a factor? But people get fouled all the time.”

But few have experienced the pleasure of turning that foul into four. Webster has recorded four-point plays on the road (in Dallas on Nov. 14 and Portland on Jan. 21) and at home (on Nov. 26 against San Antonio, Jan. 7 against Oklahoma City, Jan. 14 against Orlando, Jan. 28 against Sacramento and on Sunday).

But Webster said Crawford — who owns the NBA record for most four-plays in a season and career — shouldn’t be worried.

“I’m not chasing it. I’m just playing,” he said.