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In a wide-ranging interview on Monday, Wizards point guard John Wall said he deserves a max contract and he would be disappointed if Washington didn’t offer him one.

Reaction from readers online and on Twitter was swift and few came down on the side of paying Wall like an NBA superstar:

Disagree. He is not a superstar. — @prominentplay


What a joke John Wall deserves to be paid 85 million in the third year of a career where the only thing he has proven is that he can run fast ? .
Paying Agent Zero a hundred million was a very wise decision in comparison as he had proven to be one of the most prolific scorers in the League for a long time .– vinbrown9


Why in the world would the Wiz max this dunderhead and risk losing Beal down the road?

Oh. That’s right. They are the Wiz… — MasterofmyUniverse


Beal should get the 5 year Max, Wall should be allowed to hit Restricted Free agency then we can just match whatever contract another team chooses to give him… but another team may end up giving him the Max anyway.


What would the spurs do? — d(-_-)b


If the Wiz thinks Wall should get a max contract, they need to walk away….FAST.

He’s done nothing to earn a max contract. Not even close to it.

Of course I expect Grunfeld to promptly give said max contract and then take credit for unloading the max contract a few years down the road. — DaleGribble


Oh, the irony: Ted will end up having to give Wall a max contract, when he’s clearly not worth it, after nixxing the JHarden trade, because he didn’t want to give Harden, a better player, a max contract. — nyskinsdiehard


This reader says it isn’t about the money, it’s about building around the guard duo.

I believe that for the Wiz to ever be relevant again, they need to keep Wall & Beal together. And hope that they both continue to grow as players. EVERYBODY else is expendable on this team. There are some decent pieces that you would like to keep at the right price, like Webster. But all that cap space invested in Nene, Ariza, and Okafor will need to be transferred to Wall, Beal, and somebody else (hopefully a GOOD free agent pickup, for once).

That said, Wall won’t get a max contract before October. He’s a restricted free agent after next season, and we can offer him more money than other teams. It’ll be based on his performance next season. If he’s an all-star (which I think is likely if healthy), he’ll probably get that max contract. Anything less, give him $70-$75mil, or just go a bit higher than the next highest offer to him. — TimeForACup


A few readers pleaded for an incentive-laden deal in which the oft-injured Wall could prove his worth.

Load it with incentives like ‘learn a jumper’ and ‘avg less than 7 TOs/game’ — @TylerCJeffries


Wizards will probably give in to Wall’s demands, but wait it’s the Wizards we are talking about. Wall has done little to earn anything yet let alone max deal. Leonsis will cave in just like he did with Ovechkin and this team just doesn’t spend money wisely. My contract offer to Wall would be laden with incentives and performance clauses and his health is suspect as well. Caution would be the word of the day. — wmnatzakanian


If John thinks he deserves (deserves being the key word), then offer him a less than max contract…but allow him (with incentives) to in effect…have a max deal. For example…reduce the number of turnovers. … You can look at all the positives,but Washington loses many of their games because they turn the ball over more, and sometimes a lot more than their opponent. Each turnover,obviously, prevents your team from scoring…and gives the other team that many more shots (and points) — novaguy234


A few readers stuck up for Wall, saying the former No. 1 overall pick should ask for max money.

Most of you are focusing on his numbers, which don’t tell half the story. While I’m not a big fan of max contracts (and the instant case is no exception), Wall’s value to this team far surpasses his numbers. While he obviously still has MUCH room to grow, the team is much better with him in the lineup than without him (a point that is so obviously, I really don’t need to make it). He makes everybody on the team better. The fact that he is still younger than many rookies this year is also in his — and the team’s — favor. While I don’t believe he deserves a max contract, he does deserve to get paid comparable to his value to the team. — bpybay


Wow. Only 3 other players in the history of the game to ever put up those numbers. And it obvious that he still has a lot to work on to get even better. And those players had a jump shot. They also did not come into the league as a teenager. He puts up those numbers and the Wizards win more than they lose when he is on the court.

This young man is younger than this year’s Rookie of the Year and would still be in college if he had stayed at Kentucky. He is one of the few players in this league with both a size and speed advantage every single night. He also has high character. I still think there is plenty of time for him to take this team where it wants to go and I will be rooting for a class act like him as he tries.

I think he deserves the full max contract based on his potential, production, high character, leadership, and upside. I still think he can be that player we all want him to be… Jimmy Franchise. — Young_Mind


What’s the bid deal? The majority of the players who are getting max dollars in the NBA are not worth it. You can count on one hand the players who are truly max players. John Wall has one more year left on his and the Wizards can afford to wait. Show us what you can do in a full season next year and that will determine your true value. — spades72


Others ask that Wall get a more reasonable amount of money, closer to the contracts of other young stars.

Sign him for 4 years with a player opt out after 3…… Kevin Love got 4 yr 60 mil and Steph Curry got 4 yr 44 mil. Give Wall 4 for 48 or 50 and he should be reasonably happy. We need him but no way in HELL he’s a max player. — zvick11


I like Wall, but unless Wall makes the All-Star team next year with gaudy numbers, say 20 and 10, 5 years and $85MM is out of the question. He STILL doesn’t have an NBA caliber jump shot.

The most he deserves right now is the same deal that Steph Curry got – 4 years and $44MM. What has Wall demonstrated to justify an additional year AND an incremental $41MM? Nada! — Cavalier1985

How do you think the Wizards should handle Wall’s new contract? Sound off in the comments.