Remember the good old days, Jordan? (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Jordan Crawford may not want to remember his time in Washington, but his former teammates expect him to approach his first game against the Wizards with a tad more enthusiasm and determination than other games.

“He’s going to be fired up,” John Wall said before the Wizards played the Boston Celtics on Sunday at TD Garden. “You know him, I know him. He’s going to be fired up.”

The Wizards traded Crawford to Boston on Feb. 21 for Jason Collins and Leandro Barbosa; a deal that was made more as a means to move on than to make a move for better equipped talent. Coach Randy Wittman said the team was forced to make the move because of the direction the Wizards were taking with regards to Bradley Beal and with the return of John Wall.

“We developed and the team developed and we started getting pieces back,: Wittman explained. “I would say we were really banged up early in the year and Bradley Beal’s development, we thought that was the direction that we were going go through and give Bradley an opportunity to continue to grow. It was nothing more than that. Those things happen every year with the development of your team and you see different people develop and now it changes your focus on how you develop your team and the people around it. it’s really all, how it all came about.”

When told that Crawford refused to acknowledge his time in Washington, Wittman replied, “I’m not going to get into a war of words here. I just explained to you why we did it.”

Coming off a 37-point performance on Saturday night, Wall said that the game should be exciting. “It’s kind of like, you can’t go in no one on one battle, but we know it’s going to be different. We know what he’s capable of. He can pass. He can score. He’s playing the same way. just with a lot more veterans and he’s on a playoff team. That’s the only different.”

Wall added that he didn’t understand why the situation didn’t work out better fore Crawford. “He did what he had to do for us here,” he said. “He was a great bench player for us here. He can score, can pass, with a lot of confidence in himself. That’s what you’re supposed to have when you’re on the court.”