PHILADELPHIA – Photographs and videos of Trevor Booker‘s mangled, disfigured left index finger were hideous to most observers, but they were pieces of beautiful artwork to the one that mattered most.

(Rob Carr/Getty Images) A little old finger injury won’t keep Trevor Booker off the floor tonight.(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

“I liked looking at the picture, it was pretty cool,” Booker said after the Wizards’ shootaround on Wednesday at Wells Fargo Center in preparation for the Philadelphia 76ers. “It was my first time having it happen. I thought it was pretty cool.”

Booker hurt his finger in the third quarter of the Wizards’ 103-93 loss to Miami while slapping down at Dwyane Wade’s dribble. The impact caused one part of his digit to bend opposite of the rest of his finger, but Booker popped it back together, had it taped up and was prepared to finish — though Coach Randy Wittman didn’t use him the rest of the game.

With his left index finger heavily bandaged and taped to his middle finger, Booker won’t let the injury keep him from a rematch with Philadelphia. Booker had his best game of the young season in the last meeting, posting 10 points with eight rebounds, two steals, two assists and a block in the Wizards’ 109-102 loss to the 76ers.

“I’m a little sore but I’m all right. I’ll get through it, though. I’m still going to play.”

Booker admitted that his jammed finger bothers him when he takes jumpers but Wittman offered up a solution: “If it affects him, don’t shoot.”

The Wizards are also expected to have Nene against Philadelphia. Nene went through shootaround without any complications on his strained left calf and offered a thumbs up when asked if he was going to play.

Booker’s injury capped an awkward weekend in Miami. The night before, Booker went to a restaurant on South Beach, where he was confused for LeBron James.

“Some people started going crazy, thought I was LeBron. I was like, ‘I’m not LeBron.’ They would just stare at me. Then they would walk up to me and be like, ‘I thought you was LeBron.’ I get that everywhere I go. I get it like everyday. All the time.”