Just like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, I knew this was good (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Seattle native Martell Webster is usually extremely loud and boisterous, but he somehow managed to raise the decibel levels over the past few weeks as it relates to his beloved Seahawks. Webster paraded around the locker room in blue and lime green getups – including a monstrosity of a knit cap on Friday – and sometimes interrupted his teammates’ interviews to shout, “Seahawks!”

But the morning after the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII with a dominant, 43-8, win over the Denver Broncos, Webster was surprisingly subdued and calm, even though most of his teammates had sided with Peyton Manning.

“He was kind of mellow,” Bradley Beal said, describing Webster’s mood at shootaround. “I guess he wants to stay humble about it. He might’ve been disappointed by the score, because it wasn’t a good game in his opinion. He’ll probably be more energized later.”

Webster said he might have been talking more smack with his teammates if the game was more competitive. He lost the motivation shortly after halftime. “I really was disinterested after Percy Harvin’s kickoff return. It was downhill for us, after that,” Webster said, while adding that it was “a great, great win for the city. I thought it was going to be a little bit more entertaining but defense was smothering. Dominant. Dominant effort from start to finish.”

Harvin’s return put the Seahawks ahead 29-0, but Denver never seemed to recover from a bad snap on the opening play from scrimmage, which resulted in a safety. For the rest of the night, Manning and the vaunted Broncos offense looked rattled. Webster agreed with Manning that he shouldn’t be embarrassed by the outcome.

“No. Not if youre playing against a defense like that,” Webster said. “After every pass he completed, their receivers were hit within an instant. And they hit them hard. They suffocated him, he wasn’t comfortable at all. You could tell the nerves were racking, just from the first play of that game. I think that set the tempo for the energy we were going to bring defensively. It was consistent throughout the whole game.”

Webster said he never had any doubt that the Seahawks, though the Broncos were favored. “It’s good to be the underdog, but historically, the No. 1 defense has won. I was confident in that. That team was confident going into the Super Bowl, knowing that they weren’t going to lose. If you look at the footage, nobody was crying, like, ‘we’re so surprised, we won the Super Bowl.’ They knew they were going to win and I love that confidence.”

The Seahawks brought Seattle its first championship since 1979, when the SuperSonics defeated the Bullets to win the NBA title. After the game, District native Kevin Durant, whose NBA career began in Seattle before the franchise moved to Oklahoma City, congratulated the Seahawks on his Twitter account: “Congrats Seattle. You deserve it!!

Webster pined for an NBA team to return to Seattle last season, when it appeared that the Sacramento Kings were about to move. Former commissioner David Stern, with the help of Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson, stepped in to block the move. But Webster believes that his hometown shouldn’t be without the Sonics.

“Of course, the city deserves it. The city deserves a basketball team. Awesome fans throughout the whole stint of that franchise being there. If there’s any city deserving of an NBA franchise, it’s definitely Seattle,” Webster said.