Kevin Seraphin wears a “Je Suis Charlie” T-shirt during warmups against the Chicago Bulls to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, a Paris weekly newspaper where 12 people were killed Wednesday in a terrorist attack. Seraphin was born in French Guiana and has represented France in international competitions. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Kevin Seraphin texted his mother Friday morning just to make sure everything was fine back home. Usually such a message isn’t necessary, but the Washington Wizards center’s parents live about 25 minutes from where 12 people were killed Wednesday in a terrorist attack in Paris.

His parents were unaffected, but the situation has been on Seraphin’s mind so he decided to honor the 12 victims by wearing a black T-shirt with “Je suis Charlie” — French for “I am Charlie” — on it during warmups before the Wizards’ win over the Chicago Bulls. The phrase has become viral worldwide to exhibit solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, the Paris weekly newspaper where the killings took place.

“It was really important,” Seraphin said. “It’s kind of crazy, kind of insane what’s going on right now because we never faced this type of thing. So for sure, right now is a hard time for us, what happened.”

Seraphin, 25, was born in French Guinea, but has represented France internationally and his parents and brother have lived in France for more than six years. He decided to wear the shirt Thursday and is the second NBA player to wear it — Portland Trail Blazers forward and Frenchman Nicolas Batum wore it Thursday.

Seraphin had not talked with Batum but planned to reach out to him after Friday’s game. He spoke with Bulls center Joakin Noah at midcourt before the game and said Noah expressed his gratitude. Noah’s father, former tennis player Yannick Noah, hails from France.

“We never faced that so right now everyone is struggling, panicking, everybody,” Seraphin said. “So you got to be there. That’s why I texted my mom this morning, asking her if everything was all right. She said everything was all right.”