Martell Webster is out for the season. (Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

Wizards forward Martell Webster underwent surgery on his right hip to repair damaged cartilage and a partially torn labrum, the team announced Friday evening.

As reported Wednesday, Webster is expected to miss the remainder of the season without having played a game.

Webster, 28, attempted to play through the pain in his hip, which first surfaced in mid-September before training camp. He was administered cortisone shots to ease the pain and prescribed glasses to shift his perception in hopes of evening out the loads on his two sides.

He eventually returned to practice just before the regular season started, but a setback near the end of a session was enough to shut him down. He never returned to practice and the lack of progress was enough for him to opt for surgery.

Webster likely has played his final game in Washington. After undergoing three back surgeries over the previous four years, he needed to play in 70 games this season for his contract to become fully guaranteed next season at $5.8 million. Instead, the Wizards will owe him $2.5 million, making him a buyout candidate.

The Wizards now have the option to file for a designated player exception to replace Webster on the roster. They must apply before Jan. 15.