The grim reaper was supposed to show up at Verizon Center on Friday. Then John Wall staved off death with a three-pointer from 26 feet out.

After beating the Celtics, 92-91, to force a Game 7 in Boston on Monday, the Wizards got the opportunity to say how they *really* felt about the Celtics showing up to Verizon Center for Game 6 dressed in all black — for a “funeral game” — in an effort to bury the Wizards once and for all. Washington, of course, started the rivalry tradition way back in January by showing up wearing all black for a regular-season game against Boston.

“They just tryna be like us, they just want to be us so bad, man,” Markieff Morris, arbiter of the Wizards’ alter-ego-thing, Death Row DC, and therefore an authority on the matter. “They can’t. There’s only one Death Row DC, and they can’t do it like we can do it.”

Before the game, Celtics Coach Brad Stevens pleaded ignorance regarding his team’s choice of couture, saying, “They don’t consult me on fashion, surprisingly. Nor do I get the memo.”

For his part, Wizards Coach Brooks made light of the Celtics’ clothing choice and demurred when asked for his reaction after the game.

“It doesn’t matter,” Brooks said, “we’re focused on playing basketball. … I’m just going to choose Wizards sweats every time. Grey. Maybe blue.”

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