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‘Come on, little bro. Back away’: Kevin Durant kept John Wall out of Wizards-Warriors scuffle

John Wall and Warriors center Zaza Pachulia (Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)
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SAN FRANCISCO — The #KD2DC fantasy never truly gained legs, but apparently the kinship between John Wall and Kevin Durant remains.

During the Friday night altercation between the Wizards and Warriors — featuring Bradley Beal and Draymond Green aggressively wrestling/slow-dancing into the baseline seats — the fracas quickly spiraled into bedlam. Beal made contact to Green’s head. Green fell on top of Beal. Then Wall’s burly bodyguard, David “Flav” Best, pancaked them both. Kelly Oubre Jr. fired wild jabs that never reached a particular target. And Wall came bolting from the other end of the court to join the melee.

“I don’t even know,” Wall responded when asked about what runs through his head during an on-court scuffle. “My panic ain’t really to stop it, to be honest.”

Wizards left cold in the end after war of words with Warriors came to a boil

But as Wall careened into the chaos, he felt an arm around his neck. The firm but friendly force pulled him away from the colliding bodies on the baseline and to the safety of the playing court. Check out the 11-second mark of the video: #KD2TheRescue

After the game, Wall was asked if he remembered what Durant was saying in his ear at this moment.

“Yeah, like, ‘Come on, little bro,'” Wall recalled. “‘Back away.’ And I backed away.”

Analysis: Wizards’ mean streak has made them a player. It’s also been their Achilles’ heel.

The fact that Durant played peacemaker to someone who wasn’t his teammate shouldn’t be surprising. But it does show the level of respect superstars have for other superstars. They’ve never been teammates but in this scenario Durant was looking out for Wall’s well-being. As he pushed Wizards players away, Durant could even be heard saying something along the lines of “We ain’t gonna fight out here!”

It was a fleeting moment of Durant working for the Wizards’ greater good. Then, the what-could-have-been glimpse came to an end — Durant would finish the night by scoring 31 points and his Warriors won the game, 120-117.

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