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Gortat is a two-time violator of the NBA's anti-flopping policy this season.

Harrington was option to fill out the Wizards' roster, but decides to go overseas

Final roster spot could go to Al Harrington or remain open.

Veteran free agent forward Al Harrington wants to return to the Wizards but will first assist the coaching staff during summer league.

Veteran forward played just 34 regular-season games but yielded a net on-court rating of 4.1 for the Wizards in those appearances.

Knee surgery limited his on-court action but the wisdom Harrington imparted upon younger Wizards teammates proved invaluable

Washington's reserves have totaled just 34 points in their last two games

The Wizards had some fun during after a game that clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 2008 but more work remains.

In an attempt to relieve his teammates of the pressures of a playoff chase, Al Harrington reminded them that the postseason is just one win away.

Andre Miller, Al Harrington and Drew Gooden lead an impressive second-quarter run in Charlotte, then the Wizards fall apart in the fourth quarter on the way to a loss.

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