Jay Clayton has spent more than a decade advising Goldman Sachs and other big banks. Senate Democrats question whether the SEC nominee is the right choice to regulate the industry.

The Congressional Black Caucus outlines in its meeting with Trump how the president could make his “New Deal for Black America” a reality.

The country's wealthiest taxpayers have already been paying into the fund. Now they'd get their money back.

"I’m baffled, and I have to believe [the administration] just doesn’t understand what it is the agency does,” said Lee Zak, a former director of the Trade and Development Agency.

“Like everything else Donald does, it’s unconventional,” an author said.

The tax break would stimulate the time-traveling industry, but not the rest of the economy.

Under the GOP measure, the rich get richer and the poor see their benefits crater.

The president was almost certainly talking about TransCanada, a Canadian company that sued the government in a bid to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

The GOP plan would double the contribution limit on health savings accounts.

It's not Fox News' fault either...

Prosecutors aren't saying why Caterpillar, which makes iconic heavy equipment, is under investigation.

Trump's looming land battle has been fought before, by President George W. Bush.

Trump is usually mad at Mexico. But others are sending their anger north

You can't escape politics.

"There’s very little oversight.”

The most conservative Republicans got symbolic nods. The most moderate ones got billions in new spending.

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