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The DEA has been trying to 'eradicate' marijuana for 36 years. It hasn't exactly worked.

The time that people spend waiting in line, and how they feel when they do so, is a big deal for average people and the economy.

Two-fifths of American billionaires claim an elite college on their resumes. Ten percent went to Harvard.



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Drug crimes account for 1 in 5 prisoners, but nearly one-third of prison admissions.

One chart explains what your “second cousin, once removed” really means

Have a very wonky Thanksgiving

Yes, sexual assaults are underreported. But there's more to this story.

Data show black and white Chicagoans have very different interactions with the police.

It's a more complicated story.

Something to be thankful for: hate crime is becoming more rare

The average cost of commonly used dermatology drugs has quintupled over six years.

Weather has a surprising influence on what you buy.

With unions on the decline, workers have sorted their employment disputes out in the courts.

Appalachia is particularly fond of naming places after turkey.

Speeding up the drug approval process could put ineffective and harmful drugs on the market.

Democrats began losing the support of white voters after World War II, particularly in the South.

This is the real Minneapolis: a historically white city struggling with what it means to be truly cosmopolitan.

There's a big overlap on two hot issues in the GOP primary, and Donald Trump sits in the middle.

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