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Washington Post economic policy correspondent Jim Tankersley interviewed Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, for 24 minutes on the phone on June 21.

Why Hillary Clinton is struggling to connect with an economically anxious electorate

A federal court hands down a damning indictment of North Carolina's law.

They sent deliberate messages to voters.

The first cases of domestic transmission have come right as country enters peak mosquito season.

It's yet another obstacle for Hillary Clinton at the polls.

The slow results for the April-to-June period raise new warnings signs about the strength of the U.S. economic expansion.

The data on Seattle will be frustrating to both sides of the debate.

Clinton called this generation "the most tolerant and generous young people we've ever had."

Can a Republican really address the gender wage gap?

The projections for Trump's economic policies are startling.

'Men are the ones that have fallen behind on college campuses.'

A new study found that outcomes from robot-assisted prostate surgeries were similar to a traditional technique.

Everyone needs to chill out about marijuana poisoning.

No, it can't call itself the "World's Healthiest Grocery Store."

The central bank is still monitoring international risks.

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