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Italy really might blow up Europe's 20-year experiment with sharing a currency.

McDonald's employees filed formal sexual harassment complaints against fast-food giant.

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A student walked into Santa Fe High School outside Galveston, Texas on Friday and began shooting his classmates, murdering eight students and two teachers.  The horrific shooting comes at a time of increased focus on gun policy issues nationwide, brought to the forefront by survivors of another school shooting in Parkland, Fla., just three months ago. Following that […]

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Most opioids traded on the black market depend on a plant for their raw material. Fentanyl can be created from chemicals in a laboratory.

Cooks and cashiers take the fight to raise the minimum wage to fast-food giant McDonald's corporate headquarters in Chicago.

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The euro crisis never ends. It just takes a break for a while, and then comes back in a new country.

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The link between citizenship and English language speaking is weaker than ever, largely by choice.

'I’ve never seen anything like this,' says one trucking company CEO. Truck drivers are getting 15 percent pay raises.

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As entry-level airlines begin to panic about a looming pilot shortage, they are raising wages, offering bonuses and luring away flight-school instructors at an unprecedented rate. The problem? With no instructors, flight schools can't train enough pilots to head off the shortage that has airlines so worried.

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Even some Trump allies are mad at the latest twists in the U.S.-China skirmish.

HUD announced that it is withdrawing a computer assessment tool that provides communities with demographic data and maps to help them gauge neighborhood segregation.

2018 is shaping up to be the worst year for school shootings in two decades.

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Venezuela leads the world in two things: oil reserves and incompetence. What else can you say about an oil-based economy that's falling apart faster than ever before despite the fact that oil prices have risen more than 50 percent over the past year? That shouldn't happen whether you're capitalist, socialist or something in between, but […]

The bill, authorized every five years, involves way more than agriculture.

The Foundation for Government Accountability think tank has close ties to conservative governors in Kansas, Maine and Mississippi — and an outsize influence on the Republican debate over work requirements for food stamps.

Maybe the gun debate isn't as polarized as it may appear.

Will the public spotlight help bring drug prices down?

Universal health care and universal child care, a ban on fracking, and higher taxes on millionaires and businesses topped their promises.

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What Canada's happiest communities have in common — and what the rest of us can learn from them — according to a new study.

Swiss drugmaker says the agreement with Trump lawyer was 'an error'

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