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The bill would cut the most from a program that helps those with the least.

Why the Senate health care bill could be bad for business

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A union warns that the sale could lead to a reduction in grocery-store competitors, resulting in store closures and lost jobs.

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By one measure, it is the most unequal country in the world -- despite progressive tax policies.

Administration officials acknowledged the risk of retaliation, but said real threats were necessary to bring other countries to the negotiating table.

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The first official estimate for how Trump's proposals would affect the economy is out, and the results are mediocre.

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No wall can stop a well-built trebuchet.

No one is quite sure how much money is at stake, but proponents say the change would help more people get insurance.

Trump once again vowed to crack down on foreign steel imports, nearly two weeks after the White House's self-imposed deadline for the action had passed

'There's no better place for solar than the Mexican border'

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The Senate Agriculture Committee, preparing for the next farm bill, hears testimony about the importation of fraudulent organic products.

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'MAGAnomics' may be catchy, but by attaching it to concrete promises, the White House is playing a dangerous game.

Report offers annual glimpse of country's two biggest entitlement programs

Soda manufacturers are accused of knowingly deceiving customers about the health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages — at great cost to the African American community.

On the right, the taxes are some of the most unpopular aspects of Obamacare.

The office said the White House's proposal were, at this point, too vague to determine what their economic effects would be.

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