Courts have called the practices "obscene."

Senior advisers were thinking about the treacherous politics of poverty, according to hacked files.

It's backed by a Buffett.

Donald Trump's campaign might be hitting him where it hurts most.

Republican voters have little faith in the institutions that bolster American society.

Yellen challenges the fundamentals of inflation and labor markets during speech in Boston.

The more prestigious the university, the more liberal its faculty tends to be, according to a study of professors and their political affiliations.

They don't think people will believe them.

The unforeseen consequences of economic growth

Tax policy isn’t the loudest or most controversial contrast between the two main candidates for president, but for American workers, it may provide the most consequential outcome of the election.

The Democratic senator turned up the heat on Mary Jo White.

For many economists, it's the simplest and most effective way to make the world richer and reduce poverty. For those in government, it's a political landmine.

If Donald Trump had done some homework, he could have said that Warren Buffett, like Trump himself, has pursued aggressive tax strategies.

What a medical emergency on a plane can teach us about implicit bias.

Voting on marijuana legalization this fall? Learn about what happened in other states first.

A record number of men aren’t working. This might finally explain why.

Donald Trump says his opponent's plan will be a “disaster,” but even a noted tax critic says that's not quite right.

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