A record number of men aren’t working. This might finally explain why.

Donald Trump says his opponent's plan will be a “disaster,” but even a noted tax critic says that's not quite right.

The economic argument for getting vaccinated.

The 18-year-old's shirt was a response to a 2005 tape of Donald Trump bragging about groping women without their permission.

Some officials say they will be ready to hike "relatively soon" if economy holds up.

Voters in five states will soon decide whether to follow Colorado’s lead.

New data reveals the real effect of growing up in public housing.

The DEA is reversing its 'insane' decision to ban the opiate-like plant kratom -- for now.

A new report tallies the staggering toll of the drug war.

The way Trump speaks could be distorting his perception of time during the debates.

When it comes to taxes, this election puts serious money at stake for millions of American families.

A third of hospitals said drug prices had a “severe” effect on their budget.

A plan to double tax credits for some families with children is targeted, not broad, and fits the Clinton model.

Their work has influenced fields from law to political science.

Trump seized on a loophole that most regular folks cannot claim

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both technically correct about the revered president during Sunday night's debate, historians say.

The truth about drug smuggling.

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