Lawmakers want to defund the marijuana eradication program, which is costing taxpayers $14 million this year.

Yes, really.

In testimony before a House Budget Committee task force in November 1991, Trump called 1986 tax reform legislation an “absolute catastrophe.”

A conversation with Sherrod Brown about baseball, trade policy and a very busy fall in Ohio

During Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence touted his home state as “pro-adoption.”

America’s economic ladder is more broken than anyone realized

And we definitely need to talk about your drinking.

A new book argues that Washington bureaucrats have contempt for the Americans they play a big role in governing

If he were being honest about his past, Donald Trump would have to admit something he doesn't want to acknowledge.

But the margins are so small that the races are all still up for grabs.

Studies are finding significant quality-of-life boosts for older Americans in medical marijuana states.

This is the time of year when Americans weigh the least

Outlook for American output falls by most of any developed economy

Trump would cut taxes on the wealthy and offer tax breaks to working parents so they can pay less to the government. Clinton would look to significantly raise taxes on millionaires — and make sure their heirs pay more, too.

Recently published documents suggest Trump might have avoided federal income taxes for 18 years.

Elderly patients were even more likely to delay the start of treatment.

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