— Rush Limbaugh declares war on Dylan Matthews, proper pronunciation of "Chipotle."

— What Austan Goolsbee's been up to since he left the White House.

— A closer look at median income stagnation.

— U.S. cities that have bigger economies than whole countries. Note that the New York City metro area has a bigger GDP than all but 13 countries. Note also that for all the ink devoted to Iceland of late, its GDP is still less than one-quarter that of Alabama's Birmingham-Hoover metro area.

— Lobsters are turning weird colors.

— It costs about $2.8 million to become Batman. The training regimen, however, would be grueling.

— AP takes a critical look at some anti-fracking claims.

— Chevy Volts are driven in electric mode about two-thirds of the time.

— If you've ever wanted to blame the financial crisis on Malcolm Gladwell, now's your chance.