Yeah, why not ZoidPAC? / Comedy Central.

The Rauhmel Fox Is for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow super PAC, for example, wants to combat any plan politicians in Washington may be secretly hatching to sell off Alaska, Hawaii and the original Louisiana Purchase to pay down the national debt.

"There's nothing in the Constitution that says you have to be 50 states," says Rauhmel Fox, the founder. If his super PAC manages to raise any money, Mr. Fox says, he would create after-school programs to teach teenagers about the potential sale of territories and other civics issues.

That's from Rachel Louise Ensign, Brody Mullins, Daniel Lippman and Andrew Seidman's hysterical piece in the Wall Street Journal on the super PACs least likely to make a dent in this year's races. Other groups include Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Yesterday — whose leaders want to fix today's problems through the invention of time travel — the Bringin' Sexy PAC, the Talkin' Smack PAC, Americans for More Rhombus, the Why Not ZoidPAC? and, of course, the Joe Six PAC.