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College graduates’ non-recession

It's common knowledge by now that the recession has hit college graduates and non-graduates differently, but the size of the gap is dramatic. A new report from Anthony Carnevale, Tamara Jayasundera and Ban Cheah found that while employment fell for people with high school and associates' degrees, it actually rose during the recession for college graduates:

The report also broke down the severity of the recession by gender. Three quarters of jobs lost during the recession belonged to men, but men also received four fifths of jobs since the recovery started, meaning they've actually gained relative to women due to the downturn. Indeed, this was the worst recession ever for women. But college-educated women saw consistent job gains, while even college-educated men lost jobs:

These findings are in line with long-term trends in wages, where men, and in particular men with low educational attainment, are making considerably less than they were 40 years ago, with high school graduates making half of their 1969 wages in 2009.