Jae C. Hong -- Associated Press

On CNN Tuesday night, David Gergen said that “enthusiasm in the hall is more palpable than the Republican convention.” Perhaps that was due to the quality of the speeches or the nature of the attendees. But one reader e-mailed with another explanation: Perhaps it's due to the venues.

I used to work at the design firm responsible for the design of both arenas used in the conventions. Each facility was designed around a different sport -- Tampa around hockey and Charlotte around basketball. This changes the overall configuration of the venue, and the sense of intimacy (or intimidation depending on the event).

Tampa is about 100’ longer with less rows. This distance makes the crowd noise much lower – when the bowl is shortened there is a wall of noise. Charlotte was also designed to accommodate concerts – 90% of the seating is in front of the stage vs. 70% in Tampa.

So if all things are equal, the Democrats would get an enthusiasm bump on venue selection alone.

Any other arena experts want to weigh in?