(Richard Ellis/Getty Images)


There’s a tape that came out just a couple of days ago where the president said yes he believes in redistribution. I don’t.

It's one thing to wildly misrepresent your opponent's positions. But to wildly misrepresent your own?

Mitt Romney, like pretty much every other American politicians, believes in redistribution. Specifically, the "issues" section of his Web site says he believes in a progressive tax code, the Medicare program, the Medicaid program, the food stamp program, the Social Security program and pretty much every other feature of the federal government that's involved in redistributing income.

And as my college Greg Sargent points out, just yesterday, Romney said, "I believe America was built on the principle of government caring for those in need, but getting out of the way and allowing free people to pursue their dreams."

That "government caring for those in need" bit? That's a less technical way of saying "redistribution."

Romney might believe in slightly less redistribution than President Obama does, but the idea that he doesn't believe in redistribution is belied by every single thing he has ever said he will do as president, and for that matter, by everything he ever did as governor of Massachusetts.

I asked the Romney campaign what Romney means when he says he doesn't believe in redistribution. If they get back to me, I'll update this post with their answer.