When most of us choose our airplane seats, we think about things like whether we want a nice view from the window or more legroom. But if safety in a plane crash is your number one concern, here's a tip: Sit near the back of the plane.

The aptly-named Chart Porn flags this chart from Popular Mechanics detailing odds of survival during a plane crash, depending on where you're seated. It's a few years old but, given that they pored through 36 years of data on airplane fatalities, it's probably the best guide we have on the subject.

Popular Mechanics limited its analysis to airplane crashes where there were both fatalities and survivors, eliminating those where all passengers were killed. What they found, as you can see above, was significantly better survival rates for those seated in the rear of the plane versus those in the front. 

That said, it's also worth nothing that the number of airline crashes has decreased significantly in recent years. You're now twice as likely to die from falling down then you are from an in-air collision.