From now until election day, Wonkblog will be interviewing voters from swing states about how they're thinking about the election. We will be interviewing both decided and undecided voters from both parties. We thank the Washington Post/ABC News poll for putting us in touch with these voters. You can see the rest of the interviews here.

David is a 61-year-old coal miner living in Virginia. 

Ezra Klein: Who are you supporting in the election? 

David: Romney. 

EK: Why?

D: Cause Obama is against everything. Particularly coal miners. And he’s done nothing.

EK: When you say he's against coal miners, what are you referring to, specifically? 

D: He’s shut the coal mines down. That’s why I’m not working.

EK: When did your mine shut down? 

D: Been off work four months.

EK: Why did they say it shut down? 

D: No market for it. Because of the electric power plants. Obama’s shutting them down, Because of the EPA.

EK: Do you think the mine will reopen if Romney is elected? 

D: Yes.

EK: Why?

D: He supports coal miners.

EK: What are your other voting issues?

D: Obamacare isn’t any good. He shoved it down the American people’s throats. They didn’t even know what they voted on. 2,500 pages or more. They didn’t even read it. That's what the Democrats do. They're just no  good. 

EK: What would you like to see Romney do on health care?

D: Repeal Obamacare.

EK: Do you want him to put anything in its place? 

D: Yes, like it was before. The United States had the best health care in the world. They didn’t have to mess with it. It’s gone up double since Obama.

EK: Which candidate do you prefer on Medicare?

D: Romney.

EK: Why? 

D: Because of his plan.

EK: What do you like about it? 

D: Folks my age don’t have to worry about Social Security. But before me they can put it into stock. It’s their decision. Obama is taking billions of dollars out of Medicare for Obamacare.

EK: So you'd like to see private accounts in Social Security? 

D: That’ll be good.

EK: What do you think about Afghanistan. Do you think we should leave in 2014, as Obama has said? Or sooner? Or stay longer?

D: We should stay longer.