I hosted the "Last Word" on Wednesday night. A few segments that were particularly Wonkbloggy in nature:

1) On the Affordable Care Act's inevitability, Speaker John Boehner's amusing op-ed on the GOP's plan to repeal it, and Enroll America's campaign to get the plan to cover as many as 40 million people. Ron Pollack, president of Families USA and chairman of Enroll America, joins me:

Much of this segment came from work Sarah Kliff has been doing here and, particularly heartbreakingly, here.

2) Why I've come to hate the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," and how the Senate Democrats are getting ready to spark a huge fight in the U.S. Senate over filibuster reforms that won't achieve much of anything. Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann join me:

3) The spooky connection between the number 47, Mitt Romney, and . . . Star Trek: