On Friday, I posted a column about Vice President Biden's uncommon, often overlooked skills as a politician, administrator and dealmaker. In the piece, I quoted some of his joyously weird comments to the families of the senators he swore in last week, including a line to Ellen Casey, mother of Sen. Bob Casey. “Mom, I’ll see you in a little bit,” he winked. “I hope I’ll sneak over and see you.” Last night, I got an e-mail providing the back story:

I agree with your observations about V.P. Biden, both his ability as a politician and his ability to schmooze. Your account of his exchange with Ellen Casey, however, might be misleading.  It sounded like he was proposing an assignation in a hotel room, but he was referring to the reception Bob Casey was having afterwards.  Ellen and JB have been friends for years. My source is Ellen herself.  She's a cousin.

There you have it.