If you are looking to squeeze your entire caloric intake for the day into one meal, look no further than the Cheesecake Factory's 2,610-calorie Crispy Chicken Costoletta. The dish packs just about as many calories as a moderately active, 31-year-old man is supposed to eat in one day.

This and other fun (or horrifying?) nutritional data come from the Center for Science in the Public Interest's annual look at the most calorie-laden dishes in American restaurants. This year, dishes from the Cheesecake Factory and Maggiano's Little Italy win the dubious honor of topping the list. Here are CSPI's findings in graph form:

Here's what CSPI had to say about this year's most caloric dish, the Bistro Shrimp Pasta from the Cheesecake Factory. It apparently has more saturated fat than you're supposed to eat in an entire weekend

Nothing about the way The Cheesecake Factory describes its Bistro Shrimp Pasta sounds extreme. Sure, there’s cream and battered shrimp, but they’re mixed in with mushrooms and arugula, for heaven’s sake.  . . .

According to company headquarters, the Bistro Shrimp Pasta has 3,120 calories. And keeping those 1½ days’ worth of calories company are 89 grams of saturated fat (enough to keep your arteries busy from Monday morning to Friday noon) and 1,090 milligrams of sodium (two-thirds of a day’s worth).

Happy eating, America!