If you want to complain about the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness shutting down, you also have to go read their 69-page report laying out their recommendations for, well, jobs and competitiveness.

The recommendations include some good ideas (modernize the electrical grid and invest in infrastructure, for example) mixed in with a lot of pabulum ("Win the global battle for talent!"). But it's a detailed, serious document produced after a lot of effort -- and, if you flip to pages 61 and 62, a staggering number of public meetings given the schedules of the principals -- and it got almost no attention when it dropped at the end of 2011.

People were much more interested in the existence of the Jobs Council -- and, more recently, its transition into nonexistence -- than in its actual work. That's a shame. But no one should be allowed to snipe about the closing of the Jobs Council if they won't bother to read the report. After all, what's the case for continuing the project if no one cares about the product?