Former senator Kent Conrad was well know on Capitol Hill for his love of charts. As a send-off last year, one of his colleagues created a chart of Conrad's chart usage overtime.

Perhaps, then, it's no surprise to hear what Conrad's North Dakota Democratic successor, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, encountered when she moved into his office. Here's how she described it while speaking at Wednesday night's Washington Press Club Foundation dinner.

"It's a bit cozy," she said, although she noted - with a look at Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah --  "certainly not big enough to live in."

One culprit? Conrad's charts, of course! "We're waiting for Kent Conrad to come pick up his charts," Heitkamp said, "so we can actually hire staff."

Overall though, Heitkamp said she was enjoying her experience as the "100th most senior member of the United States Senate" - chart clutter aside.