—"Frat bros do lots of things that upset us...but sometimes they also do things that melt our hearts, like start Indiegogo funds to pay for a transgender brother's sex reassignment surgery."

—"Washington sometimes has a habit of misunderstanding China’s internal machinations by assuming, just as China so often does with the U.S., that their system is more like our own than it really is."

—"Don't smoke pot. Don't bitch. Don't give up. Go on stage ANYWHERE. Try, fail, repeat."

—"When the patients died, the staff just couldn’t bear to throw their possessions away, so they set up this system of storage, never really knowing what to do with the cases."

—"Upwards of 12,000 couples within 10m² of your house who had more measurable fun than you did in the last 8 weeks."

—"The public becomes more liberal during the administration of Republican presidents, and more conservative under the administration of Democratic presidents."