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Patty Murray vs. Paul Ryan, in one chart

The Ryan budget wasn't the only spending document released Tuesday. The Senate Budget Committee, led by Patty Murray, released the topline numbers of their budget as well.

It includes $100 billion in stimulus spending on infrastructure projects, $975 billion in new tax revenue through cutting expenditures, $493 billion in domestic cuts (including $275 billion in health cuts), and $240 billion in defense cuts (all numbers over 10 years). Together with the $242 billion that it saves in interest payments, it adds up to a $1.85 trillion package, split evenly between taxes and spending cuts.

The Democrats say that together with the $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction Congress has already passed, this means that Senate Democrats would have passed $4.25 trillion in total deficit reduction -- enough to put debt-to-GDP on a declining path through the next decade.

Ryan's got no tax increases, no stimulus, much more in spending cuts, and a much faster pace of deficit reduction. Here's how the plans stack up: