It wouldn't be National Pi Day at Wonkblog without some pie charts to mark the momentous occasion.

The versatile chart can be used in all sorts of situations. Like to figure out how much pie one has eaten.


Or to represent one's favorite video game character.

Or, alternatively, one's favorite intergalactic spaceship.

Pie charts made out of pie — not to be confused with pie charts made out of numbers — can be delicious.

Pie charts are so beloved that sometimes they're used to sell products. For real: The Economist advertised its magazine with pie charts like this one, which adorned pizza boxes in Philadelphia.


Pie charts are used with surprising frequency to understand musical lyrics.



While pie charts appear to be simple, sometimes they can go wrong.


Really, really wrong.

(I Love Charts)

And, if you love pie charts just a bit too much, you might end up in need of a pie chart intervention.

Happy Pi Day!