When Newt Gingrich called for a permanent moon base during his presidential campaign, he got a mocking SNL skit for his troubles. But Christopher Carson isn't laughing. He wants to move to the moon permanently, and he wants to go now. Carson is one of the stars of Simon Ennis's documentary "Lunarcy!" The movie was screened at E Street Cinemas in D.C. Monday night, and it's very, very good. Here's a taste, focusing on Carson:

Ennis also talks to Dennis Hope, who claims to be the rightful owner of the Moon under international law. That section of the documentary has been excerpted into the following short:

Last but not least there's Peter Kokh, the longtime writer of the Moon Miners' Manifesto, a regular newsletter concerned with lunar issues:

"Lunarcy!" screens on the cable channel Epix on April 3. It's really worth your time.