—"What would now be considered sexual harassment was a subject of anecdotes rather than outrage; one editor, a man with an unfortunate shape and a reputation for chasing researchers around his desk, was known, behind his back, as the Horny Avocado."

—"You know it’s a fun day in Trenton when @shaq stops by for a visit."

—"I think one develops a built-in sh-t detector through wide reading of other people’s work."

—"On March 17, 1969, President Richard M. Nixon began a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia, sending B-52 bombers over the border from South Vietnam. This episode...resurfaced recently in an unexpected place: the Obama administration’s 'white paper' justifying targeted killings of Americans suspected of involvement in terrorism."

—"If you had to quickly flee both your home and country, what one possession would you make sure you take with you?"