If you ever thought you could win a fight with a deer, this fight might give you a reason to reconsider:

"We tend to picture deer like this: peacefully grazing along the banks of a river, keeping a watchful eye out for people and predators, running away at the first sign of danger," an article from Keloland Television in South Dakota, which caught the video, notes. "But did you know that deer have a dark side? When bucks don't have antlers to fight with, they stand straight up on their hind legs and battle with razor sharp hooves."

Why exhibit such behavior? Keloland TV talked to Julie DeJong, a biologist, who explains, "What they're trying to do is establish dominance or hierarchy in the herd. Things have changed over the winter time. Some animals that were dominant might have died, might have gotten hit by a car or shot in the hunt, and so they need to be replaced, so the animals are working toward getting those things settled again."